Gojek the forthcoming ride Application that Gives you the Choice to comfort Your Rides…….

Gojek provide a most advance ride services not only limited with cars or taxies but you can book

Motor/Scooter/Bicycle and many more. Gojek offers you the best pick-up & drop-off services from different locations

to different in just few clicks. The ride Services of Gojek offers you the best features that is, you can choose the variety

of vehicles as per your comfort and pocket friendly for you. So Gojek help you to maintain your budget for travel plan

very efficiently. Gojek cannot have limited with only taxies or auto rickshaw fare rides but you can book a motor/

Scooter or bicycles as per your comfort choice. It’s easy to book and cancel or track your rides. So you wanted to go

outside on your comfort ride so don’t forget to checkout Gojek app for your future ride.

In this covid-19 Pandemic Gojek devoted to your safety. We’ve conventional a Door-to-Door Safety Standard to aid

you feel innocuous every time you ride….

In addition, by Gojek ride service, your destination is readily available. Just sweeping the app and enter the destination

where you want to go, and a proximate driver will assist you with getting.

How GOJEK Made Your Pickup Experience Less Painful | by Alverta Shani |  Life at Gojek | Medium

  Ideal traveller comfort with Gojek taxi application Features….

The app is designed by keep in mind of user’s comfort and it is

easy to understand. The application will be web-based and its

can be installed in both android and iOS which Improved for a

good user’s experience.

So, let’s Be familiar with the added features of Gojek ride service for travellers.

  • Quick & Smart Booking

  At the point when a traveller needs a ride to his destination the

exact instant. You have to just mention the location you wanted

to reach the and you can book the available ride.

  • Fastest GPS Tracking 

User can easily capable to understanding the pickup location using GPS and drop

location can be entered manually and fast.

  • Choice Of Vehicles

This is the unique feature Gojek application will be provided User can able to select the type of vehicle they want and

the service listed as per their comfort.

  • Check Nearby Rides

          Once the user selects the cab they can able to view the availability

          of vehicle near user location. User can able to check the pricing

           for the ride.

  • Book For Future Rides

You can book the rides in advance when you wanted to go on upcoming

days using Go-x.

  • Book a rides for your someone

   Through the Gojek app you can book a rides for your family or close ones by just

putting the name and phone number of the person should be provided where they will

receive notification after that the request will be approved by the driver and the other

person will get the details for rides.

  • Pricing Approximation

User can able to know the estimated price for the ride.

  • Immediately Ride

If they want a taxi immediately they can click ride now and get a taxi.

            Peak hour will be notified to the rider before scheduling the ride.

  • Multiple Payment modes

Gojek rides offer you the integrated payment modes as per comfort like PayPal, G-pay,

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Paytm, cash, electronic wallet etc.

  • Available in Multiple languages 

The Gojek rides give you the choice of multiple languages

that will be more convenient for operators to book ride.

  • Coupons & Discounts

User can get discount coupons for the ride they can use

those coupons for the following ride. If the user has

vouchers, they can use those coupons and get discounts.

  • Past Trips

Clients can find out pretty much every one of the

excursions they took with the application.

  • Request For Feedback & Rating

Gojek allows the user to rate and review the

drivers to uphold the standard of the services


From all of this features you will definitely get your dream digital ride on your door step with Gojek. Because, Gojek know the cooler solution for smart travellers.

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